Become a Supporter

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Name in Lights

This is a unique opportunity to support the Isaac Theatre Royal and have your personal name or your business acknowledged on our ‘Name In Lights’ wall, in gold or silver, on the frieze encircling the Ravenscar Lounge ceiling. This donation is tax deductible.

Gold Personal Sponsor $8,000

Individual sponsor (1 or 2 people). As a Gold Sponsor your name(s) will be inscribed in gold lettering for 15 years.


Silver Personal Sponsor $4,000

Individual sponsor (1 or 2 people) As a Silver Sponsor your name will be inscribed in silver lettering for 15 years.


Name A Seat

A unique way to honour someone special or a business, and support the theatre. In recognition of your donation, an engraved brass plaque will be placed on the back of your nominated seat(s).   You will receive a presentation certificate confirming your seat location and inscription. Your dedicated Name a Seat will be renewed every 5 years.