Christchurch’s leaders to place Time Capsule…….

The Christchurch Mayor, Hon Lianne Dalziel, Hon Nicky Wagner, MP for Christchurch Central and Joanna Norris, Editor of The Press will place a time capsule into the roof space of the stalls foyer in the Isaac Theatre Royal today with members of the Theatre’s Board and Management.

ITR Board Member, Dr Anna Crighton who spearheaded the compiling and packing of the capsule said “Whoever opens this capsule, hopefully in decades hence, will find a plethora of exciting items from the Theatre’s history. Including an 1800s Nassau Ober Selter (stoneware water bottle) excavated from the site before the rebuild, a 100th anniversary book of the Theatre Royal’s History, as well as a record of the Theatre days in photos including photos and names of significant Theatre supporters.”

The rebuild of the ITR after the earthquakes of 2011 has been embraced by Cantabrians and has led the recovery of the central city. It has been a regular good news story nationally and internationally and with just over 12 weeks to reopening, the public are looking forward to taking part in that “theatre experience” again.

“The placement of the capsule is another milestone for the Theatre and the City” says Ms Crighton, “ This is a wonderful opportunity for our city to leave its mark and recognise the past and the future of this wonderful Theatre.”

After nearly 4 years of closure, during which a $40 million rebuild and restoration has been undertaken following the 2011 earthquakes, the central city’s most famous heritage theatre will once again stage the type of large scale theatrical productions she has been famous for since first opening in 1908. The ‘ITR’ is the preferred venue for major local and touring productions in the city hosting musicals, ballet, plays, opera, film, concerts, comedy, recitals, community events, children’s theatre and even ice shows.

The Grade-A heritage listed Theatre Royal was the only surviving Edwardian style theatre in the country. The building was saved from demolition in the early 1980’s, refurbished and upgraded to World Class theatrical production standards in 2004 and renamed “ISAAC THEATRE ROYAL” after re-opening mid 2005. After surviving the devastating seismic events of 2011, the theatre has been even further enhanced once again to be one of the finest heritage stages for all performing arts in Christchurch for the next 100 years at least!