Updates and Other Earthquake Stories


ITR2014FacadedesignFollowing the earthquakes Royal Friends and the public were kept up-to-date with the state of the Theatre:

June 2014

December 2011

July 2011

April 2011

Other updates were through Royal Friends newsletters.


Media coverage of the damage and reconstruction has included:

Regilding of the Dome, TV3 news, 4 June 2014

A progress video,  CTV on Thursday, 29 May 2014

Design Concept for the Theatre, The Press, 12 May 2014


Stuff Video on the restoration of the dome – August 2013









TV3 News Report on the rebuild the theatre – March 2013









Video outlining plans to rebuild the theatre – May 2012


Lowering the Dome – July 2012


Six-year-old boy helped the ITR by blowing up a building! – August 2012

Jayden Halliwell from Queenstown has become the first person ever in New Zealand to blow up a building when he pushed the button on Sunday August 5 that imploded the 14-storey Radio Network House. The right to press the button for the first implosion of the quake-damaged Radio Network building was auctioned on Trademe. Jayden is currently being treated for Wilms’ tumour, which is cancer of the kidney.

The winners of the Trade Me auction to implode the Radio Network House – seven Christchurch demolition companies and one Auckland demolition company – wanted to give this opportunity to a child who truly deserved it. They offered the opportunity to the Child Cancer Foundation who nominated Jayden.

The ITR thanks the eight demolition companies – Christchurch’s Shilton and Brown Demolition, March Construction, D Construction, Jurgens Demolition, Dormer Construction, Pro Tranz Contracting and Clampet Developments and Auckland’s Ward Demolition. Neil Cox, General Manager for the Isaac Theatre Royal, says the final bid of $26,000 will be put towards the heritage restoration of the Theatre Royal’s façade. The Government will match the bid amount and this money will go towards restoration of private heritage buildings.

Trade Me said the auction was the third most viewed auction of all time (see Top 11) with 459,420 views, 113 bids and 243 questions asked in the question and answers. The implosion took place at 8:00am on Sunday August 5.
See the video.