Dangerous Liaisons

Fri 28 August - Sat 29 August 2020

Due to Government advice this event has been postponed.

NEW DATE: TBC – Ticket holders will be contacted from April 20th 

The ITR is working through the latest information from the Government for public events and mass gatherings. We will be updating our social media pages regularly as we have more details.

Thank you for your understanding.

Rich, idle and cruel, the Vicomte de Valmont and the Marquise de Merteuil delight in the corruption of virtue. For them, there is no love, only malicious pleasure in crushing youthful dreams of romance and humiliating the innocent in a corrupt and wicked game. With players such as these, lovers beware!

The award-winning Colombian-Belgian Annabelle Lopez-Ochoa, one of today’s most in-demand choreographers, will give sensual life to the compelling darkness of Leclos’ celebrated Les Liaisons Dangereuses onstage, delving deeply into the pleasurable manipulations, seductions and depravities of the notorious novel. Patricia Barker has been following her career for many years and is delighted to have commissioned her to create this new full-length ballet.

We are thrilled to welcome Annabelle, creator of scintillating works for English National Ballet, New York City Ballet, the Ballet Naçional de Cuba, Pennsylvania Ballet, Scottish Ballet and Ballet Black and many more, to make her first ballet for the Royal New Zealand Ballet. Joining her in creation is Tatyana van Walsum, whose stylised designs will evoke the excesses of pre-Revolutionary France.

Dangerous Liaisons’ tangled web of manipulation, seduction and betrayal is as compelling now as 250 years ago. 


Companion seats

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