Nigel Latta – Resilience in Anxious Times

Thu 10 March 2022
Isaac Theatre Royal


If ever there was a thing as work-life balance, COVID19 took care of that…

The stresses have never been greater, and the obstacles never mire plentiful. so how do we look after ourselves in the middle of all this fuss? Human brains are amazing, but they are not really optimized, or the modern world let alone COVID19 times. So how do we keep ourselves in one piece while the whole world around us is literally falling apart? In this session Nigel will reveal some simple things we can do to manage stress, reflecting on the hard-won wisdom of a Jewish psychiatrist and some even older wisdom from the very old porch which has long since vanished from our modern world.

This is a fundraising event for Cystic Fibrosis NZ. 

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Thu 10 March 2022
7:30 pm