Made In Canterbury Presents
O’Neill Dance

Sun 21 March 2021
Stage House

In the early days New Zealand Irish Dancing was a way for our Irish immigrants to celebrate and remember their culture. The dances performed by the O’Neill Dance School will celebrate cultural diversity which will reflect the welcome that the city of Christchurch offers to modern immigrants.

Irish Dancing has now emerged from its traditional roots into an exciting vibrant dance form that is taught across 5 continents of the world, embracing all peoples and cultures.

A piece based on the highly successful show Lord of the Dance will also be performed. The O’Neill School of Irish Dance opened its doors in 1988 and now has four qualified Irish Dancing teachers teaching across Christchurch.

The O’Neill School holds classes for all ages – from preschool through to adults, for dancers looking for fun, fitness, performance and competition.

Everyone is welcome!