Made In Canterbury Presents
The Young and the… Ageless

Sun 21 March 2021

The Young and the Ageless

Life on the stage is glorious when you’re a bright, young star playing the romantic lead. But what happens when you get too old to play the young lover?

The next generation are hot on your tail! They bring in someone “young and beautiful” to play the girl-next-door, and you suddenly find yourself cast as their mother!

‘Veteran’ stage songstress Sarah Greenwood has teamed up the vibrant (and youthful) Monique Clementson to deliver an hour of pure musical theatre heaven, featuring delicious tunes from some of the most memorable leading ladies.

Who doesn’t love listening to an hour of stunning vocals with a good belly laugh thrown in for good measure?

Come see this iconic local duo battle it out for their turn in the spotlight while they explore both sides of the great generational divide.