Through Alice’s Eyes

Mon 11 November 2019

Celebrating love and our unique individuality.

Since CNCA was first established, we have been working hard on bringing Chinese Arts and NZ Arts closer to each other every day via various concerts, workshops, exhibitions and visiting delegations. Our only wish is to bridge the barrier between us using music and arts, bringing deeper understanding between cultures and enhancing communication.

This sensual journey of sound and visual performances aims to address the beauty of co-existing different cultures in this modern cosmopolitan city. As the distance between cultures became smaller, challenges and misunderstanding became more apparent. Artists and musicians around the world are constantly searching for ways to showcase the unity and harmony in creative industry, using their talents to remove the boundaries of Country, Culture, Gender, Belief, or any other types of characterization, and to show that we all in fact having something special in common – “ we are all equally unique in our own right”.

Taking traditional Chinese Heritage Art forms and Music, Magic, Agility, KongFu, and interact with Classical music and Ballet, Bel Canto, plus the most authentic Maori Haka; this concern will deliver a night that’s amazingly complex, professional, and philosophical. MC by Christchurch own ‘Storyteller’- John Sellwood, our artists will charm you down the ‘Rabbit Hole’, tasting dreamlike cultural experiences from the home of Confucius (ShanDong Province) and the diversity of Chinese Art forms enhanced by University of Canterbury School of music, RNZB, Burnside High School Performance groups, Ngai Tahuririiwi and others to celebrate individuality, love and acceptance.

Proudly supported by The Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of ShanDong Provincial People’s Government, JiJing Cultural Festival Affairs Centre of ShanDong Province and Christchurch ShanDong Association; organized by CN International Culture and Arts Exchange Association. This concert is set for 5:30pm,11th November 2019 at the Isaac Theatre Royal