Presented by: New Zealand International Film Festival

Animation for Kids 4+

31 July 2016

ITR Auditorium


We’ve searched high and low, and near and far, to present a selective slate of the best animation for all ages from all corners of the world. These animated gems from 8 countries offer a terrific range of diverse adventures, and a whole load of opportunity to fuel imagination and make greater sense of our world. You name it, we’ve got it: boot-wearing trees, musically inclined ants, epic face-changing journeys, the life cycle of a stone, an impressively long-haired mother, enough animals to open a zoo, three little delivery ninjas… and oh so much more. — NM

One, Two, Tree
France 2014. Director: Yulia Aronova. 7 mins
A boot-wearing tree invites all it meets to follow in its clomping footsteps.

Perfect Houseguest
USA 2015. Director: Ru Kuwahata, Max Porter. 1 min
A house is visited by a most unlikely clean, organised and very well-mannered guest.

Pik Pik Pik
Russia 2014. Director: Dmitry Vysotskiy. 4 mins
A cheeky woodpecker peck-peck-pecks away at columns of ants marching to a symphony of syncopated rhythms.

Zoo Story
Czech Republic 2015. Director: Veronika Zacharová.4 mins
Have you ever wondered how the zoo looks from the other side of the bars?

Bat Time
Germany 2015. Director: Elena Walf. 4 mins
The moon is out and little bat is looking for friends to play with – but everyone else is asleep! Or are they?

The Little Seed
Switzerland 2015. Director: Chaïtane Conversat. 9 mins
A little girl catches floral patterns with a magic cloth and uses them to make her own dresses.

Hippo and Juice
Russia 2015. Director: Alexey Minchenok. 3 mins
All Hippo wants is his scrumptious blueberry pie and jug full of juice, but Monty the Mouse’s birthday party guests have other plans for them.

The Mitten
France 2014. Director: Clémentine Robach. 4 mins
Where do animals in the garden find shelter during gentle snowy winter? Perhaps a purposely dropped mitten will lead to an answer.

Japan 2014. Directors: Mizue Mirai, Nakauchi Yukie.4 mins
A brilliant moving kaleidoscope of simple structures which merge into increasingly more complex arrangements.

Australia 2016. Director: Nathan Jurevicius. 7 mins
The Face Changers have always made the clay tokens that control the winds of change and alter their faces. Today is the day to take ten thousand footsteps to the top of the mountain.

Germany 2014. Director: Susann Hoffmann. 3 mins
A grey lynx doesn’t quite fit into a world of colourful animals.

France 2015. Director: Marjolaine Perreten. 4 mins
As rain makes the river rise, all the creatures must find a way to ride out the downpour.

Cookie-Tin Banjo
UK 2014. Director: Peter Baynton. 3 mins
A musical tale of how one special object can inspire anyone, big or small, to create.

Bear and Bird
USA 2015. Directors: Dan Abdo, Jason Patterson. 5 mins
A laid-back brown bear, and an excited cardinal settle in for a videogaming session, when suddenly Bird’s nose knows that Bear needs a bath.

Germany 2015. Director: Julia Ocker. 4 mins
Octopus wants to bake a cake that looks exactly like it does in the recipe book. But one of her arms has (baking) plans all of its own.

Running Times:
Times are approx. and subject to change at any time.

Box Office Open: 1 Hour Prior to first session of the day
Auditorium Doors Open: 15 Minutes prior to film (Approx)
Duration: 64 Minutes
Box Office Close: 30 Minutes after last film starts

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