Busting Out!

March 11–13, 2010

ITR Auditorium

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Andrew Guild and Simon Bryce proudly present BUSTING OUT - the smash hit hysterical show of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Busting Out! is a show like no other!!! After a hugely successful North Island season, Isaac Theatre Royal is proud to present Busting Out! in Christchurch.

Take two big talents, with even bigger personalities and personal attributes, combine skits, tricks and song and sit back and prepare to be amazed at what the irrepressible Emma Powell and Bev Killick do when they take a most irreverent look at that much revered embodiment of womanhood - the breast.

Seen by over 200,000 Australians and 25,000 Kiwis in the last 18 months, Busting Out! is the show that literally has women cheering on their feet and men gasping with amazement! Busting Out! is packed with bouncy songs, sidesplitting characters and fascinating demonstrations of the lesser known uses of your drooping assets.

Months of rehearsals resulted in some spectacular mammary manipulation and very numb nipples to produce truly amazing and outrageous tricks including the Plumbers Crack, the Baby and the Donut as well as some hilarious demonstrations as to how boobs may be enhanced and utilised in daily life...

NB: No age restrictions but not recommended for under 16's. Show contains partial nudity and occasional coarse language.

Reviews for Busting Out


"Tasteful, clever liberating and laugh-out loud funny!" SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

"Must be seen!" THE MELBOURNE AGE

"Clever, Creative and hilarious... Emma Powell and Bev Killick are a sassy force which had the audience howling with laughter... Simply put, Busting Out! is one of the funniest things i have seen." THE WEST AUSTRALIAN

"Emma Powell and Bev Killick's show is a celebration. Utterly hilarious and empowering - at last we have a show that makes women (and men) feel good about their own bodies." BRISBANE TIMES