Flying Tzars

8 May 2007

ITR Auditorium

One of the most thrilling and spectacular dance companies in the world is headed down under for an extensive tour of Australia and New Zealand.

With over 40 performers, the Russian National Dance Company's Flying Tzars present a show for the whole family.

Critics around the world have hailed their performances, and now Australia and New Zealand are about to experience this truly unique company.

From New York to Tokyo, audiences have been spellbound by not only the good looking, wild eyed men with their feverish, unique and dangerous acrobatic dance routines, but also by the beauty of the females, the breathtaking gowns and costumes, the circus like tricks and acrobatics, their speed, agility and comedy. Their gravity defying dance routines with near six foot high spins and flying leaps makes them unique.

Formed in 1958, the ensemble has performed to over 20 million people in 73 different countries. Their performance at New York's Lincoln Centre prompted the New York Post's "most beautiful show in a decade". In their homeland, such is the respect that President Putin regularly invites the ensemble to perform at major State functions including the recent G8 summit in St Petersburg. They are also one of the few attractions to have been invited to perform at the White House.

"The most spectacular, thrilling and beautiful show in a decade" – New York Post

"Part ballet, part circus, part folk dance, 100% unique and unbelievable" – Chicago Tribune

"Daring, exciting, spirited, beautiful, humorous, the kings of dance New York Times