Jekyll and Hyde

July 5–6, 2018

ITR Auditorium

Comedy. Thrills. Chaos. Delight.

Meet the most delightfully evil man alive, Mr Hyde. A man so evil he punches the cleaning lady, drop-kicks a precious kererū and yells ‘shark’ at the beach.

This bonkers rendition of Jekyll and Hyde is retold by a team of charmingly ‘French’ performers and with the help of the audience.

Unleash your inner monster…if you dare.

“I loved it more than any other performance I’ve ever seen. I laughed SO much. So clever.” – Audience Member

A Slightly Isolated Dog Production. Directed by Leo Gene Peters and featuring Susie Berry, Jack Buchanan, Andrew Paterson, Jonathan Price and Comfrey Sanders.

Tickets from $16.75

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