July 16–17, 2010

ITR Auditorium

Physical theatre creator Wolfe Bowart is set to return to New Zealand for a 2-week tour in July with his acclaimed production LaLaLuna.

A whimsical and hilarious tale of the moon’s caretaker as he struggles to re-light the darkened moon, LaLaLuna is circus, clown theatre and film woven together with a poetic and comic physical language all its own. Beloved by audiences of all ages around the world, LaLaLuna is the joyful solo creation from US-native Wolfe Bowart, one of today’s masters of physical theatre.

Bowart first performed LaLaLuna in New Zealand in 2008 at Hamilton’s FUEL Festival, where he played to capacity audiences. Bowart has since toured LaLaLuna to Hong Kong, Greece, the UK, and Brazil. In Australia, Bowart has undertaken two national tours of LaLaLuna as well as seasons at the Adelaide Festival, the Out of the Box Festival (the acclaimed festival for young people) and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, where The Melbourne Age proclaimed LaLaLuna "luminously inventive and magically silly … Wolfe Bowart's show about the night the light went out in the moon will have you howling with laughter at the dark circle in the sky."

Bowart’s productions weave together comedy and pathos, circus, stage illusion, film and sound in a largely wordless mix that captivates audiences aged from 6 to 96.

"You will be mesmerized, he will make you laugh, he will make you sigh, and you will be enchanted by his every move." ArtSound FM, Canberra

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