Presented by: New Zealand International Film Festival

Le Ride

29 July 2016–15 August 2016

ITR Auditorium

New Zealand/Australia/USA/France 2016
: Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan, television personality, adventurer and bike enthusiast, pays tribute to a little-known Kiwi sports hero by duplicating one of his most remarkable feats. In 1928, New Zealander Harry Watson and three Australian cyclists teamed up to compete in the Tour de France. The Australasians were conspicuously raw amongst the elite ten-man European teams, but they were tenacious and learned fast.

The race was designed to eliminate as many riders as possible – and so, one might think, were the bikes. Most of the roads were unpaved and the heavy steel bikes weighed twice as much as a modern racing bike. Following the 1928 route around the perimeter of France 85 years later isn’t always exactly possible, but Keoghan and mate Ben Cornell are determined to get as close as they can. Travelling the 5,600 km over 26 days on restored vintage bikes with no gearshifts, they keep pace with the daily progress (if not the number of blow-outs) related by Watson in his vivid journals.

Handsomely shot, and rich in fascinating detail and photographic evidence of Watson and his teammates’ epic achievement, Keoghan’s documentary feels their pain so that you don’t have to. It’s a stirring salute.

“Man, do I have some respect for the riders who rode in 1928.” — Phil Keoghan

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