Magic Lightbox with Delaney Davidson

October 27–28, 2017

Gloucester Room

Join us at the ITR for a late-night Gloucester Room session, cabaret style as Delaney Davidson presents his all new show: Magic Lightbox.

Remember the slide show of the returned traveller? Remember the projected image on a sheet in the living room? Remember the live orchestra providing music to the movie you went to?

See all three combined as Delaney uses an incredible blend of live music and film, paying homage to these lost ways of storytelling in his tent show carnival style revival.

Dusty highway tales, the old world of Europe, the new world of USA, a glimpse into a forgotten time. Relive the mystery of Switzerland, see New Zealand like you never saw it before, the deserts of California, fairground Brighton by the sea, the cold war Vienna, all roll into one in this irresistible work.

Fresh from the success of his last European jaunt, here he comes back to Christchurch, catch him before he disappears again to distant parts unknown.

Presented by: Isaac Theatre Royal in association with Arts on Tour New Zealand

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Tickets from $30 (booking fees apply)


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