Cirque Mother Africa

September 28–29, 2010

ITR Auditorium


"MOTHER AFRICA" is the phenomenon known as the "Circus of the Senses"

"MOTHER AFRICA"is a new simply exhilarating, high energy production. Critics have described it as "enthralling", "a theatrical treasure", "a feel good spectacular par excellence", "solid entertainment", "fun, fun, fun" and many more. The production that has been touring for 8 years worldwide with over 2-million people seeing this spectacle. The show features 40 artists from many different countries in Africa - Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe and South Africa - all presenting skillful acrobatics, traditional music and dances as well as athleticism and charisma at its best showing off outstanding full circus range of juggling, contortionists, adagio, rolla-rolla feats, all complimented by colourful costumery. It is truly a show for the entire family.

It is not only the intention to present a scope of African culture and to entertain the audience with outstanding acrobatics, traditional dance and music. With "MOTHER AFRICA" you have to do more than usual.

"MOTHER AFRICA" is truly a dance and acrobatic musical out of Africa that is set to turn theatre going into an enjoyable experience.

"MOTHER AFRICA" is wowing audiences and getting rave reviews.

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