Siddhartha: The Musical

10 May 2016

ITR Auditorium

This musical depicts the life of Buddha who was born as Prince Siddhartha 2,600 years ago in India.  It was prophesized at birth that Siddhartha would become a skilled leader or a great spiritual teacher.  Upon hearing this, King Suddhodana did everything in his power to ensure Siddhartha’s Kingship.

Siddhartha grew up to be a fine young prince oblivious to human sufferings and pain.  One day, as Siddhartha was exploring the kingdom, he witnessed old age, sickness and death.  Upon witnessing such sufferings, he began to seek answers to overcome them.  He practiced meditation in the forest for six years under the Bodhi tree where he attained enlightenment and became Buddha.

A captivating, inspiring and vibrant musical – a show not-to-be missed!

Running Times:
Times are approx. and subject to change at any time.

Box Office Opens:  6:00pm (evening show)
Doors open: 6:30pm (evening show)
There will be a 15 minute interval
Approximate finish time: 10:30pm (evening show)

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