Slava’s Snowshow

July 23–29, 2009

ITR Auditorium

Take a step in the world of SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW and prepare for the most magical winter transformation imaginable!

SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW is unlike anything you have seen before — a world of wonder where hilarity and poignancy combine in this stunning spectacle. The ensemble cast of clowns use water, cobwebs, bubbles and dry ice to dazzling effect; a world of wonder in which a bed becomes a boat, a web of cotton envelops the audience and one tiny piece of paper begins a blinding, heartstopping snowstorm that engulfs an awestruck audience in a blizzard of sparkling snowflakes. This unmissable show has enchanted theatre goers the world over and now it is Christchurch’s time to take in this once in a lifetime experience.

“An unmistakably unique, unmissable comedy masterpiece… it is simply and childishly thrilling, it fills you with innocent amazement and it is lyrically beautiful.”
— The Independent