Ted E’s Farewell Tour

February 26–27, 2010

ITR Auditorium

David Strassman has big news on his 2010 New Zealand tour – it's "Ted E's Farewell Tour". Tragically, the much adored Ted E Bare is announcing his show biz retirement.

The pressure, the publicity, the paparazzi, the tabloids! And – most of all – Chuck Wood! It's finally too much for one shy bear to handle. Ted E’s decided to spend more time with his family. But what family? Where will he go?

As hilarious as ever, the show is a star-studded tribute to Ted E Bare's greatest showbiz moments. And it shares the pain of his struggle, trying to understand where he belongs in the world. Of course, Ted E Bare’s departure leaves a huge hole to fill. Who could fill Ted E's shoes? Strassman's journey of discovery uncovers some new and extraordinary characters, desperate to join the show.

Meanwhile, the existing characters battle to get more of the show. The evilly sarcastic Chuck Wood, the grumpy and cantankerous Grandpa Fred, attention-seeking A.N.G.E.L. and intergalactic Kevin enter a battle of wits - so prepare for a wild ride of biting humor and desperate behavior! But will Ted E Bare really leave for good?

Where will he go, who is his real family, and can this psychologically twisted show survive without its shy side? Could this be the end of everyone? Make sure you find out!