Radio Hauraki & Loop Present

The Isaac Theatre Royal Restoration Celebration with Fly My Pretties & The Nudge

20 February 2015

ITR Auditorium

February 22nd 2015 marks the four-year anniversary of the Christchurch earthquakes that destroyed the iconic Isaac Theatre Royal located in the heart of Christchurch central city.

To showcase the new Isaac Theatre Royal, Fly My Pretties with support from The Nudge are blessed to be able to perform in this amazing theatre on such a special date.

Fly My Pretties are bringing a three-hour show and a fifteen strong cast of new and old faces to celebrate this amazing theatre! Fly My Pretties have always sought to showcase the best talent and musical diversity that New Zealand has to offer and the Restoration Celebration show will be a true showcase of this rich heritage and tradition.

Fly My Pretties are assembling a cast of talent from all five incarnations (with some new surprises) all set to a stunning visual backdrop.

Fly My Pretties is a multi-platinum selling, award-winning, collaborative group starring a selection of the country’s finest musicians and burgeoning new talent. The group’s focus is on original music and artistic collaboration, making their events an unforgettable experience.

Fly My Pretties are proud to announce a stellar fifteen strong cast who will bring an epic three-hour show of material from all five albums sprinkled with some new songs. The Fly My Pretties summer 2015 cast is:

Anna Coddington
Bailey Wiley
|LA Mitchell
Lisa Tomlins
Mara TK
(Electric Wire Hustle)
Age Pryor (Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra)
Laughton Kora (Kora, Jesus Christ Superstar)
Kara Gordon
Barnaby Weir
(The Black Seeds)
Jarney Murphy (The Black Seeds)
Mike Fabulous (Lord Echo, The Black Seeds)
Nigel Patterson (The Black Seeds)
Iraia Whakamoe (The Nudge)
James Coyle (The Nudge)
Ryan Prebble (Spartacus R, The Nudge)

Box Office Opens: 6.30pm
Doors: 7pm
Nudge: 8pm
Fly My Pretties: 8.30pm
Interval: 9.45-10.15pm

Please make sure you purchase your tickets from our exclusive supplier - Ticketek NZ