The Most Boring Show on Earth

17 July 2018

ITR Auditorium

The makers of the Anthony Harper season of The Little Prince bring you "The Most Serious Man in the World Presents: The Most Boring Show on Earth" as part of Kidsfest 2018.

Humphrey Mortimer is excited to present a theatre show with everything old fuddy-duddies love! Long boring speeches,dusty costumes and NO FUN BITS! But he better look out, his stage hands, technicians and audience are rebelling against this snooze-fest. Watch as the most boring show on earth is blown up before your very eyes!

Performed in The Isaac Theatre Royal, this invigorating blend of spoken word, dance and slapstick comedy with an all ages cast is anything but boring!

This must-see show is a co-production between Two Productions and Original Scripts Theatre Trust, the combo that brought you, The Brave Little Monster Who Ran Away From The Sea, The Battle of The Pillow Dragon and The Heartless Giant.

Come and help stop the most boring show on earth!

Ages 3-12 (and all children at heart!!!)

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