Tutus on Tour

March 11–12, 2009

ITR Auditorium

This biannual favourite sees the Royal New Zealand Ballet's 32 dancers divided into two groups, one touring the North Island and one touring the South Island. Travelling the length and breadth of New Zealand, every two years this innovative "road trip" presents an opportunity to enjoy a selection of dance works, from classical to contemporary. Each tour is different and this year the tour will showcase five works.

Mysterious and sexy, Christopher Hampson's Saltarello is a breathtaking piece. Dressed in shimmering silver and black, the mood and pace change seamlessly from subdued elegance to explosive energy in a heartbeat.

Australian Dance Theatre's Artistic Director Garry Stewart is internationally renowned for his high-energy, innovative choreography. Energetic and challenging, Currently Under Investigation mixes a classical base within a contemporary context with electrifying results.

Former RNZB dancer Andrew Simmons returns to premiere his work Through to You. The work takes its inspiration from the music composition, 'Spiegel Im Spiegel', which loosely translates as 'mirror in the mirror'.

Holberg Suite, choreographed by Greg Horsman, will explore themes of speed and precision, and showcase the strength and beauty of our dancers. It puts the "tutu" into Tutus on Tour.

The programme will close with Koo Koo Ka Choo, a fun, upbeat work about different stages of love, choreographed by RNZB dancers Brendan Bradshaw and Catherine Eddy. The dancers were inspired by the enduring music of John Lennon and Paul McCartney and songs featured in the piece include Help, All My Loving, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Come Together and All You Need Is Love.