Whisper the Wind, The music and life of John Denver

October 16–18, 2008

ITR Auditorium

Whisper the Wind is the music and life of John Denver

By arrangement with Harold Thau, theatrical producer, manager and business partner of the late John Denver, in association with Aruba Productions, New York "Whisper the Wind" will make its world premiere in Dunedin, New Zealand on 20 September 2008.The production will then tour nation wide.

Whisper the Wind is a stage production that combines a live concert concept with international musicians and singers performing the John Denver songs together with exclusive and rare footage that explores the music, highlights and insights of one of the worlds most captivating and celebrated men.

John Denver was one of the world’s best-known and best-loved performers, who earned international acclaim as a songwriter, environmentalist and humanitarian. His music spanned three decades, outlasting countless musical trends, and garnering numerous world music awards and honors, including the 1996 induction into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, and in 1993, the prestigious Albert Schweitzer Music award.

By 1975 John Denver was probably the biggest entertainment star in show business. That year bill board magazine rated him the number one artist in pop, easy listening, pop singles and LP sales. "Leaving on a jet plane", "Take me home country roads", "Annie’s song", "Rocky mountain high", "Sunshine on my shoulders", "Back home again", "Thank God I’m a country boy" and "Calypso" were world wide hits.

His concert tours and television appearances reached millions globally and gave him a world wide platform to speak out on a number of charitable causes for the environment, the homeless, the poor & hunger. He stated "I know we have the where with all to end hunger on this planet. I know we have the potential to live in peace with one another without the threat of nuclear weapons. I give my life and my music to that world of peace."

His auto-biographical folk rock ballad "Let Us Begin" (What are we making weapons for) was a blunt jab at the futility and results of war.

John Denver died on October 12th 1997, when the light aircraft he was piloting along the California Coast experienced engine failure. He was 53.

Whisper the Wind is the story of a gifted entertainer who struggled to find a balance between his personal life and his love of music.


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