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“The Tran in Black All Hallows’ Frock ‘n’ Roll Show”
ITR fundraising event
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The tran in black.

Our very special friend and Rocky Horror Show author RICHARD O’BRIEN will be back onstage in Christchurch for the first time since performing in his own creation on the ITR stage in December 2010. Richard will perform a special fundraising concert on Friday 1st November this year, a one-off ‘Frock ‘n’ Roll’ Halloween themed Christchurch-only show at the Aurora Centre in Burnside specifically to raise funds for the rebuild of the ITR. Join us for a night of frivolity and music with “The Tran In Black”!

 ITR Royal Friends can get their tickets FIRST before general public tickets go on sale! Click here to book – ITR Royal Friends can buy tickets from 9.00am on Tuesday 16th July for 24 hours before general public sales begin using the password ISAAC. Get in first as this show will sell out very fast!

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Enter at your own riskThe final show on the 2010 NZ tour of The Rocky Horror Show was on the Isaac Theatre Royal’s stage on 13th December 2010. It was also Richard’s last performance anywhere in the world in the show that he created. The closing night climaxed with Richard rocking out on an electric guitar to a foot-stomping rendition of Rocky Horror’s classic anthem “The Time Warp.” At the end of the extended standing ovation Richard announced he would auction his Jean-Paul Gaultier denim tail jacket he had worn throughout the tour and Fender Stratocaster guitar, ultimately raising $5000 for The Red Cross Mayoral Fund, set up at that time to aid recovery from the September 2010 earthquake which thankfully had left the theatre largely unscathed…Prichard Obrien Two months later though, as we all know so well, the 22nd February 2011 quake was a whole different story…

Richard has had a close association with the ITR’s recovery ever since keeping up to date on progress after making a significant personal donation to the theatre’s rebuild plans from London in 2012.

All proceeds from RICHARD O’BRIEN’s “The Tran in Black – Frock ‘n’ Roll Show” in Christchurch will be donated directly to the ITR’s rebuild fund. Richard will be “…nattering away, picking up a guitar and hopefully entertaining everybody, telling stories and singing some songs. It would be perverse if I were not to sing The Time Warp, again. People would feel slightly cheated, wouldn’t they?


See you all there, let’s have some fun and do The Time Warp all over again.

RICHARD O’BRIEN’s “The Tran in Black – All Hallows’ Frock ‘n’ Roll Show” OVER SEVENTY YEARS IN THE MAKING, ALIVE ON STAGE AND PERFORMING ON BORROWED TIME! The Aurora Centre, Christchurch.  Read more –  Book Now – Your Royal Friends password is ISAAC.

“YES, PRIME MINISTER!” STARTS on Tuesday  – Don’t Miss out.


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