Royal Friends Newsletter November 2012

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DIANA, LADY ISAAC: 1921-2012

Diana, Lady IsaacThe Board, Trustees and Management of Isaac Theatre Royal offer their sincere condolences and deepest sympathy to family, friends and colleagues of the wonderful and much-loved DIANA, LADY ISAAC who sadly passed away on Saturday 24 November 2012, peacefully in her sleep, aged 91. The Theatre Royal in Christchurch which bears her name will be eternally grateful for her generous support during the 2004/2005 refurbishment. The ongoing rebuild and restoration of the ITR after the earthquakes of 2011 will continue to celebrate honour her memory for countless future generations.

Tributes have been led by Prime Minister John Key saying “…she was an outstanding champion for Canterbury, the arts and conservation” and that “…her legacy will endure through the Isaac Theatre Royal and the Isaac Centre for Nature Conservation…”. Lady Isaac was vibrant, generous, witty and gracious. She will be missed immensely, but her philanthropic work will live on for years to come through the many thousands of patrons who walk through the re-opened doors of the restored and rebuilt Isaac Theatre Royal from mid-2014. Read More



Isaace Theatre Royal - Today and in the future

As the first major rebuild work commenced this past week with sheet-piling preparation for the extensive piling and foundations of the new ITR auditorium walls and foyers and in recognition and honour of Diana, Lady Isaac, we are proud to present the first published image of the design concept for the restored Isaac Theatre Royal. Many of you would have driven or strolled past our poor Theatre in the past few weeks and probably wondered if she will ever be open again but the foundation works signify the start of ‘moving upwards’ where so much of the past 18 months has been very much the opposite! Our heritage Façade will very soon be protected and covered by a 4-high & 3-wide container wall for stabilisation purposes to allow the foyer walls to be carefully deconstructed. Work will continue on the new foundations during that time as we finalise the design plans for the Theatre’s restored (but technically and facility enhanced) iconic heritage auditorium and much improved foyer spaces, to eventually reopen the Isaac Theatre Royal in the 2nd quarter of 2014.


We look forward to seeing you back at a much improved and significantly stronger ITR in 2014 as a testament to the love, support and generosity that Diana, Lady Isaac gave to our Grand Old Lady of Theatre, and to the arts and conservation of Canterbury.





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