Royal New Zealand Ballet presents

Peter Pan

November 18–21, 2009

ITR Auditorium

Grab your boarding pass and join us for an unforgettable flight to Neverland. Capturing the essence of what it is to be a child, Peter Pan has been delighting young and old for more than 100 years. Soar through the clouds, fight the pirates and relive your childhood dreams with this magical, fun-filled, swashbuckling adventure.

Leaving the mundane behind, the Royal New Zealand Ballet takes you on an unforgettable journey. You’ll first meet Peter as he and the cantankerous fairy Tinkerbell fly through the Darling family’s nursery window. Persuading the children to travel with them back to Neverland, he teaches them the art of flying and before long they are airborne above the streets of London, winging their way towards the unknown.

Tag along as they meet the blood-thirsty Captain Hook and his gang of pirates, the Lost Boys, a group of Indians and a large, rather hungry crocodile. Laugh at the antics of the naughty Tinkerbell and feel the joy that comes with reliving your childhood and believing in magic.

Featuring enchanting costumes and whimsical story-book sets, experience the thrill of adventure in this enduring family classic. Choreographed by Russell Kerr and designed by the late Kristian Fredrikson, join Peter Pan, Wendy and the gang in this fun, not-to-be missed production.

Choreography: Russell Kerr
Music: Philip Norman
Design: Kristian Fredrikson

See a video clip of Peter Pan